Better Engineering …

… enabled through consistent and affordable use of advanced — and user-friendly — information technology. That’s what all of us engineers would like to have.

While digital engineering holds great promise, actual practice still has a long way to go, in particular for multi-disciplinary collaboration. We want to truly share information and cross-connect seamlessly between:

  • all models, formalisms and tools used in the different engineering domains
  • all project life cycle phases
  • all participating organisations

… and we need repository management with integrated configuration control (versioning, branching, merging) and long term archiving as well.

Coordination and control through a rigorous systems engineering approach is necessary for any complex system’s life cycle involving project teams of, say, 5+ disciplines and 10+ engineers, and often many more. To succeed, the systems engineering discipline itself must master a fully digital workflow. Part of the solution has to be based on robust, but practical, open standards for interoperability, in order to overcome particular tool / vendor dependencies. This is the area where DEKonsult can help, based on solid experience from more than 20 years in developing such capabilities at the European Space Agency and more than 40 years in total in — mainly aerospace — industry.

Hans Peter de Koning
Principal and Systems Engineer at DEKonsult
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